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This is the official site for the game/sport/art/event/recreational activity that we call brooming.  For more information, please visit About Brooming.  For those ignorant individuals who can't handle how different brooming is and the fact that throwing a broom might actually be fun, I'll give them a hint; it is.  This is a serious site.  You may find it silly, but try and be mature enough to get past your original reaction.  Thanks.

Site Activity Log
[3.02.04]  - Made a few changes in the Favorites page, linking Kubbin from our site.
[3.20.03]  - Yes, I'm still here. 20m has disabled FTPing, so I kinda lost interest in updates. Sorry.
In case you were looking for it, the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Script is here.
[8.26.01]  - Added more games including Snow Brooming to Games
[8.21.01]  - Changed navigation menu.  (Used an image map)
[8.20.01]  - Fixed up Glossary
[8.17.01]  - Added more pics to the Gallery.
[8.16.01]  - Replaced "Safety" with Glossary.  Completed About section.
[8.14.01]  - Changed intro paragraph.  Added more favorites
[8.10.01]  - Added more throws to Throwing A Broom
[8.09.01]  - Worked on Favorites
[8.04.01]  - Posted content for Brooming Games
[8.03.01]  - Worked on left menu bar (hyperlinks) and added hit counter
[8.02.01]  - Re-created site using Front Page
[7.30.01]  - Registered site with 20m.  Created message board.

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